About Us

At CrossFit Endemic we specialize in CrossFit, functional movement training and military conditioning. We are located in Fountain, CO and are proud to help in improving the lives of the community as well as military personnel from Fort Carson, Schriever and Peterson Air Force Base.  Fountain was in need of a CrossFit affiliate, and we answered the call.  For us driving 30 minutes to a box was not realistic. We wanted somewhere that people in Fountain and southern Colorado Springs could receive high quality training, that of which was not previously offered in the area.

How We Started

garage-gymCrossfit Endemic started from humble beginnings out of the garage of co-owners, Clayton and Kristy Stahnke. Since then we’ve relocated twice, both times looking for a bigger location in order to accommodate for the rise in membership. With a constant focus on our members, the community and camaraderie runs deep within our culture.

What is CrossFit?

Our Definition of CrossFit-  CrossFit to us is more than just constantly varied functional movement at a high intensity. It is a training regimen that is a means to improve stamina, endurance, strength, speed,  power, it elicits a neuromuscular response, and teaches one to better understand their true fitness potential.  the benefits one receives are scientifically proven to improve ones overall fitness by combining strict programming, quality coaching, and nutrition.

Is CrossFit for you?

Yes! CrossFit is for anyone that wants to improve their overall health and fitness. CrossFit is a universally scalable model of fitness that can be made to elicit the same physical and neuromuscular response in anyone from elderly individuals to the most elite military personnel.

Here, you will find an article highlighting the importance of CrossFit for todays military personnel, and how integrating the training model into your programming can better prepare you for elite military courses such as Air Assault, Sapper, SFAS, and Ranger School.

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